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  1. by charles

    A fantastic looking well educated lady who understands sub’s and will cater for their needs.

    • by Hamid

      Hi mistress. Do you punish your slave with falaka?

  2. by Stephen Thompson

    I love the pictures Lady Cameron, would love one day to find myself naked collared shackled and gagged, locked away in your cage left to try and work out what fate awaits me, do you offer kidnapping and interrogation scenarios Lady Cameron?Steve

    • by LadyCameron

      Thanks for the compliments Steve. Yes, I do offer kidnap and interrogation scenarios – however it is best to discuss the details more privately, email me or use my contact page to get in touch directly.

  3. by Dennis

    And keep me in perminant chastity as your slave

    • by LadyCameron


  4. by Dennis

    Will you abuse me

    • by LadyCameron


  5. by Robert Howes

    I will be in the midlands from the 31/Aug—8Sept. Like to get together with you. I am good looking.

  6. Train me

  7. by Mistress Annette

    Very beautiful Mistress Cameron

    • by LadyCameron

      Thank you.

  8. by clive

    Yes, good site. Good to see you don’t hide yourself in the pics like most Dommes do.

    • by LadyCameron

      Thanks Clive. I have nothing to hide, I am proud of what I do and who I am.


    You are a wonderful Mistress. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • by LadyCameron


  10. je ve

  11. by steve

    do you ever come to las vegas

    • by steve

      would love to be dominated if in las vegas

    • by LadyCameron

      Pretty rare, next time I’m in the US – I will announce it on my site.

  12. by Vicky

    i like your femdom session and i session with milf who is you

    • by LadyCameron

      I have no idea what you are saying….

  13. by Vicky

    Hi i am vicky and i like your gallery and i wanna femdom, slave, spit slap and piss drinking and strap on session with you mistress i really like your all pic are you visit in Dubai please

    • by LadyCameron

      Unfortunately for you, vicky. I don’t travel to Dubai, I don’t session in Muslim countries.

  14. by andrea

    I want be you sissy maid and milking slave,slave contract

    • by LadyCameron

      Get in touch via my contact page to arrange sessions!

  15. by hamid

    hi you are very beautiful can you send me more pictures?(whipping-caning-bastinado).thank you

    • by LadyCameron

      Thanks for the compliment. That said, there are more than enough free pictures of me on my site. If you want more, get in touch via email and pay to see more.

  16. by chris


    I want to experience being dominated. i have been interested in the s/m scene for a while now and have decided that i really would like to experience it. Ive looked a few adverts this evening and quite like your website. Would you be interested in giving me a try? If you would, then how much will you charge me and when could i be booked in for?

    Many thanks

    • by LadyCameron

      Hello Chris,
      It is really best t get in touch with me via my contacts page to discuss your requirements in more detail. My fee is £130 per hour.



  17. by Charles

    Hope you are well and enjoying life Lady Cameron.

    Your devoted, Charles

    • by LadyCameron

      I most certainly am.

  18. I find this site most intriguing and I have not seen it before but Mistress looks so right tall blonde and a real mistress I am sure

    • by LadyCameron

      Yes, I am tall and blonde and a ‘real’ mistress.

  19. by sathoud


  20. by sathoud

    j aime cza

  21. by martin

    cool i like it

  22. by gypsy garcia

    Hello there,
    This may sound a bit strange to you, trust me for me this is much more out there. You see for Valentines Day my husband wants me to be well…you!
    We have been expanding our horizons in the bedroom, at our age, 50s, we could use all the help we can get.
    This is why I am contacting you.
    Could you sort of send me a flash course on being a dominatrix for my husband. I get the attire, but the things to say, I have no idea. Would you be willing to provide some lines I would say to my husband as I play the part?
    I would appreciate any information you can provide.
    Gratefully yours

    • by LadyCameron

      Hello Gypsy,

      Sure, get in touch via email. I can’t make you into a Dominatrix, it takes skill and experience, but I can certainly provide a few pointers to get you started.


  23. by Nigel Olisa-Emeka Adamson

    Please accept my sincere apologies for in my indecent lustful haste to please and impress you I totally forgot ( omitted) to mention that as a true devotee to BDSM and FWD ( Female World Domination) and girl power. I believe it the old feudal debt bondage system. And Ofcoures as an authentic slave whom is fully sexually, mentally, and physically commited to his Dominant Mistress I believe my true vocation in life is to enhance and enable the pleasure and leisure of my Mistress as well as to contribute finincial to her future security. There a simple Chastity Key Holder monthly direct debit arrange is essential to confirm compliant commitment and as clear proof positive of unconditional love and undieing faithfulness and obedience.

    I hope you do not think me disingenious but if your Ladyship has Whatapp I would gladly send you several of my slave photos to help confirm my identity to you.
    Yours obediently Nigella Olisa-Emeka.x

    • by LadyCameron

      Interesting but my public gallery is not the place for such discussions. Email me!

  24. by Nigel Olisa-Emeka Adamson

    Please done forgive me for postin such a long posting but you alluring dominance has capitivatived my submissive psychic. Perhaps this is in no small part due to the fact that I too can related to your African experiences having spent my formative years there under the tutorial of strict Scotish school Headmistress. I am a Gym fit muscular 46 yrs old Mulatto submissive male who adores being under the austere rule and control of a superior attractive , slim, classy, hot white woman. Please consider my unworthy slave and servitude application . I am prepared to submit fully to a perminently state of Chastity in honour of and as a clear demonstration of a Bar Code and the inscription “Property of Dominant Mistress, Cruel Temptress and Dominarltrix Lady Camreon”. I would agree to get several further tattoos imprint on my body and a more revealing declaration enbossed in big bold italic pink and black colouring on left arse cheek of a love heart saying “Sissy Chastity Slave owned by Mistress Cameron” dated ie 2014.

    Yours obediently , Slave Nigella Olisa -Emeka.x

  25. by Nigel Olisa-Emeka Adamson

    Here is only one way a passive “Sub” eunuch male slave like me can worship the Goddess, I must fully commit, enter Chastity and subjugate, debase myself, grovel at her feet and unconditionally love and obey her. To achieve atonement I need your reckoning and retribution to find redemption. Please cruel Temptress be my dominant Mistress. After seeing your alluring gallery and unforgiving feminine ” no safe-word ” policy I yearn for you to choreograph a Beethoveen fifth symphony of suffering on my restraint pantied arse. I need and want you to design a criss cross zig zag pattern of symmetrical stripes across my full Bottom with a flexible Bamboo cane and lithe riding crop. Please Mistress Cameron put a big arse on me and make me repeat the Penance Punishment lines ” Thank you Mistress, your so kind , I love you” after each excurciating stroke. Leaving my bottom so sore that ever time I attempt to sit down for a month of Sundays I will be forced to remember your deliciously painful handy work with much shrieking, howling,pleading and whimpering gratitude and apprecation for your cruel affection.
    The old adage of spare the rod and spoil the boy is very true and aptly well suited and appropriate for me. Plus such a severe corporal punishment thrashing will help reinforce my long fermented lowly slave whilst guaranteeing my future compliance to your female rule. There is nothing quiet so good as an old fashioned caning at the delicate feminine hands of a scornful mocking woman to deflate my arrogant chauvinistic ego. I would be honoured and would regard it a great privilege if you would be so kind as to train and discipline me as your male eunuch chastity sissy slave.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my unworthy humble application of servidute. I await your reply with much eager anticipation. Yours obediently Slave Olisa-Emeka.x

  26. by Charles

    Happy Christmas and New Year Lady Cameron.

    From Charles

    • by LadyCameron

      Right back at you.

  27. by sub declan

    I am crazy about Your Mistress Cameron, and want to suffer for You.

  28. by fayyaaz

    are u on twitter??

  29. by Remember me

    My only session with Mistress Cameron

    I arrived late for my scheduled time of 5:00PM and was greeted at the front door of Her fabulous country home, set in it’s own grounds by an extremely tall elegant long haired Lady in riding jodhpurs clutching a magnificent thick leather strap with a wooden handle.

    Whatever notion of Her loveliness you have conjured up in your mind, being in Her presence is simply something else again.
    Some of the photos on Her site may look stern but the full colour reality of Her presence is that of a healthy gorgeous firm looking Woman that you will never forget being permitted to visit.

    She invited me into Her home to one of it’s drawing rooms and questioned me as to what my experiences were and what I expected to get out of this session. I was in such awe of Her I cannot remember what I answered, but remember I was ushered into another wing of the house, that housed all the BDSM equipment, where She calmly asked me to take off all my clothes and lie face down on a narrow and multi adjustable hospital style gurney.

    The feeling of total surrender to Her as I lay bound securely to Her gurney, helplessly at Her mercy was both exhilarating and terrifying. The fear that must engulf even a hardened masochist is dreadful as you await your feat, looking at your Mistress preparing Herself to whip your back with some of Her frightening Deadhorse implements.

    I really was unsure of what lay ahead having read every word on Her site, comments like “I like to inflict pain and I relish your torment” and “I dispense punishment without mercy”.
    I dropped my head in shame and sheepishly stifled back the desire to beg Her to be merciful even though She had not yet given me a single stroke.

    I have fantasized all my life about being in this situation but the harsh reality of being seconds away from being whipped raw by a sadistic Dominatrix took my breath away and made me mumble under my breath to myself like a child.

    For the next hour and a half Mistress punished me from the soles of my feet to the top of my shoulders with a couple of leather thronged wooden handled whips, assorted canes and heavy punishment straps.

    During this wonderful beating She checked with me periodically that I was alright, bringing Her head right up close to me and allowing Her long flowing golden hair to fall over my face.
    When She decided to give you breaks in the session, She would ever so gently caress the area just punished, the contrast between the pain and the softness would almost make you cry.

    Should all your birthdays come together at once and you be permitted to session with Mistress Cameron, you will experience what could only be described as the Perfect Woman, kind but most definitely in charge.
    No written account could respectfully capture enough the overwhelming feeling of passion for Her that will enter you heart if you are chosen. You will be irrevocably moved by the controlled Dominance that exudes from this Mistress remembering that, if you are a near novice like me, She has spared the type of punishment you know that this Goddess would like to have delivered to you were you a hardened slave.
    One last piece of advice for the brave… write and speak as perfectly as you can when addressing this Lady as there is a great likelihood that you will never encounter such an eloquently spoken and intelligent a person as this brilliant Woman. Besides obedience you will also have learned English from a magnificently perplexing Dominatrix.
    The mental gymnastics that this most gracious Lady can exert on you is yet another example of the infinite and caring charge She will have over you… any sub fortunate enough to serve this Lady will learn to…
    ‘Ask not what Mistress Cameron can do for you, ask what you can do for Mistress Cameron’

    If it were to be the penultimate act of your existence, beseech this adorable Woman to allow you to grace Her presence with every fiber that exists in your body…

    Sub declan

    • by LadyCameron

      Thanks for the review, Declan.

  30. by Charles

    It’s a pleasure Lady Cameron .

  31. by fayyaaz

    Except that you have a fuckin great ass your face does not make people know that you are a mistress but you are a normal girl.I assure you i can take all your so calledsevere treatment without making any sound or being bounded or gagged

  32. by fayyaaz

    i am sure tht u cnt make me cry or beg even i can all yre services without crying only huge strapon fucking can make me beg but still not cry so dnt pretend to punish people hardly

    • by LadyCameron

      Someone clearly has issues…..

  33. by Charles

    Adorable and well educated lady: well experienced in giving discipline.

    Mistress Cameron is capable of introducing the novice to bdsm or equally at home providing a service for those in need of more severe treatment. It’s only a friendly word of advice but do not request a good caning if you are not capable of receiving one, I assure you madam lays it on.


    • by LadyCameron

      Thanks for the review, Charles.

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